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Dr Markella Grigoriou

 is a research fellow and a lecturer in Psychiatry with an interdisciplinary background in philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and medicine. Her research focuses on understanding social and emotion-related clinical symptoms that lead to suicide and affect quality. Her practice focuses on the development and evaluation of prevention models and interventions from the fields of Preventive Psychiatry, Social Neurosciences and Neuroimaging, aiming to improve quality of life through social interaction, emotion expression, social and emotional intelligence and mental health resilience in children from an early stage.

She worked as a research associate at the Institute for Mental Health, UK, the Early Intervention Services in the Birmingham Children's Hospital, NHS, and Special Education schools in the UK. Furthermore, she delivered lectures at the Medical School and Psychology Department, University of Birmingham, UK. She collaborated with IBM and received professional training from WHO members - Mental Health Division.

Dr Grigoriou delivers professional training to schools, hospitals and organizations in Cyprus and UK (remotely), is involved with policy making in early childhood, she carries on her lectures and research in the UK and provides private consultations, education and interventions to parents and professionals worldwide. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, British Neuroscience Association and Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.

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